I absolutely love Halloween! This year I had 2 Halloween events to go to so I needed 2 costumes. Being a student, I didn’t really want to buy a brand new costume so went straight for my beloved mermaid outfit. I’m not going to lie, I’ve now worn this outfit 3 times to various different parties but I just love wearing it and the make up is so fun to do!


My look was a bit rushed this time as I switched the outfits round last minute so didn’t go quite as full out as usual but it still worked. Usually, I would put fish net tights over my head and use a sponge with face paint to create scales (you can see it slightly in the top image) but this time I did a last minute blue contour effect with an eyeshadow stick. I have no clue how to contour but it actually turned out quite well! I added blue glitter dust to it as well as some highlight and that was basically it. I also put some blue on my collar bones and put on loads of metallic tattoos to complete the look (gems also look good with the scales). I know it’s not very scary but these days Halloween doesn’t even need to be scary and you can always add a bit of fake blood if you wanted to!

                                                   MERMAID COSTUME- TESCO

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