On Thursday I got to see my faves tour with Lil & Nat at the O2 Arena. I have honestly waited so long to see The 1975 and to finally have tickets to their first arena tour was amazing. I would have loved to have seen them at their smaller venues but was so happy to actually be seeing them for the first time.

When we got to our seats in block 110 I somehow managed to miss the chair and sit on the floor which was a great start (lol) but I was so happy with our view. When their intro song started playing and the lights went down I was a little ecstatic. I couldn’t fault anything, the setlist and their set in general was just incredible. I was so happy when they sang ‘fallingforyou’, ‘Milk’, ‘Sex’ and ‘If I Believe You’ just to name a few although they were all amazing. They really just know how to perform and they put so much passion into every song. Matty also always talks so much truth and his compassion is so refreshing to see amongst other celebrities.


Seeing them has made me love them 10x more and I know for certain I will be buying tickets again. I think seeing them at a festival would be amazing so hopefully that may happen in 2017!


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