Yesterday I had such a fun festive day spent with some of the best pe15645045_10202806126430859_586606064_nople. Despite the awful weather Boon & I decided to take a trip to
Hastings to do some ice skating which was so much fun! I was actually quite scared to get on the ice with my long limbs but after gripping onto the side for a good 5 minutes I managed to actually move and improve from being a Bambi on ice to a young Torvill & Dean. Boon was amazing at it of course haha.

The evening was spent with the girls, the first time we have properly seen each other since everyone has gone off to uni or been working. Although not everyone could attend it was so cute and marked our 5 year anniversary of our secret santa tradition. We even decided to make a roast which was a step up from soup 2 years ago. I was assigned carrots and parsnips and they were great even if I do say so myself haha. It was such a success and everyones gifts were so lovely. It was just so nice for everyone to make an effort. Massive thank you to Lizzie for my mermaid blanket and chocolate! After dinner we all watched Love Actually and just had the best evening.


I honestly am so grateful for all of them and am so happy we can all still see each other. Big love to them all and well done to our great host Rosa!!!



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