It has nearly been 5 years since I met the beautiful iconic supermodel, Kate Moss. Still to this day I can’t believe how lucky I was that day.

It was the afternoon of Radio 1’s Teen Awards at Wembley Arena. Despite not actually having tickets, we decided to go and wait outside in case we could meet anyone. Back then I wasn’t really into fashion but when I saw Kate Moss I was so excited. I was 14 at the time so my make up and hair abilities were not very advanced (not much has changed lol) but that explains why I look horrific in the pictures haha. Even so, I remember being so so happy to meet her. She even said she liked my jumper which I have kept to this day purely for that reason… Is that sad?! ahhaha


I’m so glad I got to meet such a icon who was so lovely. It’s all a bit of a blur to be honest and I wish I could meet her again now because I would defo appreciate it 10% more but nevertheless I am so grateful.

We even ended up getting free tickets to watch the Teen Awards that day but that’s another story!




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