#OwnYourTone: Cancer Research UK

Raising awareness for skin cancer is essential, particularly for younger people which is why I am so happy to be involved with Cancer Research UK’s #OwnYourTone campaign.

Melanoma skin cancer is on the rise and is the fifth most common cancer in the UK. It is a curable cancer but can be prevented with care and understanding of how dangerous the sun can be.


Everyone is obsessed with having a tan these days. Of course a tan does look nice but it’s important people know the long term consequences of too much sun. Even I lust after that perfect summer glow but with such a pale complexion it never happens and it needs to be said that all skin tones are as beautiful as each other.


I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some lovely hot countries but knowing how to style in the boiling hot sun can be so difficult. It’s very important to have your trusty suncream and apply it reguarly. I always opt for factor 50 so I have full protection which does still tan you it just might take a bit longer! If you don’t have a bag big enough, buying miniature sun creams are great, they are the perfect size to carry around! I also always take a hat and something I can use to cover up my shoulders because those places are v sensitive! The best way to avoid damaging rays though, is of course to seek shade and be extra careful when the sun is at its hottest between 11am and 3pm.







That being said it’s also equally important to know your body and look out for any signs of change.

Recently, I had growing concerns of a mole on my chest, I was referred to the dermatologist unit at hospital where I was told it had to be removed. I had the op under local anaesthetic in July which required stitches and I now have a scar (which should go with time) but I am relieved it can now no longer progress into anything further. At such a young age I never thought I’d have a procedure to remove something potentially threatening for the future but it’s important for teenagers to know it can really happen to anyone.

Being smart in the sun is obviously the key but knowing your body and taking care of anything you have concerns about really could make the difference.


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