Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited back to walk in the Fashion International show for London Fashion Week. This has been my fourth season and honestly the feeling of walking the runway gets better and better every time. I had the most amazing time and am so thankful for Geoff for making it happen!

We had to be at the Amba hotel, Friday evening for a few hours of fittings with the designers before the 3 shows took place on the Saturday. A lot of the designers who were there this year, I’ve walked for before so I was very excited to see their newest collections.


Fittings do take quite long because one designer has around 13 girls to dress individually and they are always honest if they want you to swap what you’re wearing with someone else. This is so important for a designer though because a lot of hard work has been put in for this moment and absolutely everything needs to be perfect! Finishing up Friday evening made me so excited for the next day and after, we all headed off to our accommodation at the travel lodge in Covent Garden.


The next day, Model pool B had to be up bright and early as we had a solo show at 12:30. (Solo show meaning just one designer was showcasing her collection as opposed to the main show at 7:30 where there is about 8 designers and they are split between 2 groups of models who alternate on the runway. Make sense? ahahah.)

One of the best parts of the whole day is 100% getting your hair and make up done. As there was 2 shows we had 2 different hairstyles and make-up looks which was amazing. The smokey eye was very fierce! It’s great having people do things you’d never typically wear.


Whilst the other group did their solo show at 2:15, we actually had some time to kill which very rarely happens so we just made ourselves at home in the corner of the room eating everything and anything we could before we were needed again.


As you can imagine behind the scenes is always ridiculously mad with several people dressing you and so many talented make up artists and hair dressers getting you runway ready. It is certainly very tiring and being told you need to get back out on the runway when you haven’t even got your next outfit on is always very stressful but it is all part of the fun!

Despite the stress and nerves, all 3 shows were a success and couldn’t have gone any better! All the designers even made it onto the VOGUE website which is absolutely insane! Seeing my little face on the VOGUE website in some beautiful clothes is not something every 19 year old can say they’ve achieved! I literally can’t believe it. I’m so so grateful to take part in such a wonderful show.

I can’t wait to share all the professional shots of my outfits in a separate blog post!



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