Last week was a momentous week because I actually branched out and did something a bit different to my hair. You might remember I decided to get the chop last year but it’s grown back now and I was feeling something different so I had a good look at trusty Pinterest and decided I wanted highlights.

My hairdresser, Rachael at Lounge Hair Boutique is honestly the best and has looked after my hair for years so I had no doubt she would do a great job. After having a consultation she told me about babylights which are perfect for people like me who want it to look very natural. They are basically just thinner, delicate highlights but it makes it look more sun-kissed which is ideal because I didn’t want to completely change my natural hair colour.

The process took a few hours because I decided to get my whole head done but it was defo worth it. Rachael recommended I have a few blonder ones at the very front which really compliment the rest of the babylighs and make it look extra sun-kissed.


An extremely flattering look x

I am soooo happy with the way it all turned out and I’m so glad Rachael suggested babylights because it’s just what I wanted!

Below are a few pictures of what it looks like in different lighting!


I can’t wait to experiment with my hair again in the future!


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