I’ve really wanted to discuss the topic of rejection for a while now. I share a lot of my positive, amazing experiences with my modelling and as just an av girl without an agency I’m lucky to have done everything I have, but at the same time I have faced rejection and thought I’d share 2 of my experiences.


I shall start with the time I was in London at the o2 Arena. I remember Nat and I took a gander to Tesco Express and I was just casually looking at the crisps when all of a sudden I was being approached with a business card by a scout from D1 Models. There I was, in the middle of Tesco just having my picture taken whilst Nat carried on speaking to me totally oblivious. It was very unexpected and after that I was invited to their offices in London for a test shoot. I think I was about 16 when this happened and at a time when I literally had no confidence. I remember I missed a day of school and went up with my mum and was TERRIFIED. When I arrived they sat me down, spoke to me about the agency, made me fill out a form and then took me outside to take photographs. I was so nervous and honestly that must have shown because I never heard back from them which is a massive shame. It really sucked not hearing back because I never really got closure from it and it was always something that was just kind of hanging on my shoulders but I learnt just to move on.


Even though it’s extremely flattering being approached for stuff like this, it’s also very disheartening when it doesn’t work out at the end. Part of me wished it never happened at the time because it was not the knock I needed when I was already feeling very insecure but now I’m glad it did because you do learn from rejection and it does get easier. It’s an inevitable part of life and I’m glad I experienced it at a young age.


The second time I was rejected is quite a crazy one and happened in 2016. It’s actually quite a pleasure saying I was rejected by this agency because to even be considered was INSANE. IMG Models is literally up there as one of the best agencies globally. Some of the most successful supermodels I adore are signed to this agency. If you follow me on my second Instagram account which I set up as a modelling kinda account (charlottecb_1) you will probably be very confused as to why I’m always hash-tagging #wlyg. This is a campaign by IMG to find new talent on social media. It stands for We Love Your Genes and after about a year of posting I was direct messaged by one on their scouts. Honestly I could not believe it, I cried and tried not to get my hopes up but I was so excited. I remember they gave me a brief of what they wanted (a selection of different pictures, a video of me walking and a video of me saying a bit about myself). I got this done as soon as possible and sent it back immediately. I eagerly waited for a response and unlike D1 Models I was actually given feedback which I really appreciated. A girl called Poppy sent a lovely email back and unfortunately again I was being rejected but it was done in a sensitive way. I do occasionally look back on this one and think ‘what if?’, but clearly it just wasn’t meant to be and that’s okay.

People always ask me if I want to take my modelling further and the honest answer is yes. I would love too but at the same time it’s a tough industry and agencies are very selective. Obviously I’ll keep trying but I’m very aware I’m getting older now so I have other goals and things I wish to achieve too. If it is meant to be it will happen but I’ve completely moved on from these experiences with a new attitude and I’m so excited for my future whatever I do!

Rejection can be very hard to deal with and it was a huge confidence knock at the time but I’ve definitely got thicker skin now because of it.


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