I’ve literally promoted my Lisbon video sooooo much on every single platform so you probably already know last year I filmed a video of my travels to the gorge Portugal capital city and uploaded it to Youtube.┬áSince then a lot has happened and I thought I’d write a post about how it got used for an Aer Lingus advert.

Once I uploaded the video to Youtube at the beginning of June it suddenly picked up a lot of views which just kept growing and growing. It isn’t technically amazing so I was surprised to see it get so much attention but anyway 2 months later in August, I was approached by Storyful. A company that basically licenses content to provide to the media and brands. I literally just had an email pop up from them one day regarding licensing for the video (I have absolutely NO IDEA how they found my video lol) and after doing research and realising they are a legit organisation with a very large following I was interested to find out more. I can’t remember all the ins and outs of the contract but although they license my video, the rights still belong to me and they get a percentage of any sales that go through. That’s basically the main part of it but I made sure I was happy with everything else and then signed the contract.


Storyful were in contact via email a few times after that and emailed one time to see if Boon was over 18 which she was v offended about hahaha. Then in November I found out that my video had been used for an advert for the airline, Aer Lingus:

I was sooooo happy to find out especially because it’s such a unique thing for me to have on my CV! It also meant that I would be getting paid which is crazy because I do these videos for my own enjoyment so to have made some money from my own work is actually very rewarding and motivating and I am very lucky! After several months of waiting for the payment to go through, I received it a few weeks ago and the first thing I got is a new retainer lol x. I’m looking forward to putting the rest towards a cheap holiday in the summer which means I’ll be able to make more videos :)))

Just wanna thank Storyful and Aer Lingus and of course the girls for making the vid fab xxxxxx

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