I have finally finished second year and I am now only a month away from doing work experience which is SOOOOO exciting! So of course I had to celebrate by going to the beach and having a bold photoshoot with Lils.


After buying some monochrome flares from Topshop last month which I wrote about in my Jessie Ware concert ootd post I was feeling brave and wanted to broaden my flare collection. I feel like Topshop have nailed this style of trouser because they are so comfy but there are also so many patterns to choose from and it’s such a statement piece!

I brought these perfect bold orange flares from Topshop last month and have been absolutely dying to wear them but at the same time I’ve been a little petrified. I know they wont be everyones cup of tea but that’s what draws me too them even more. I would’ve never ever opted for a pair of trousers in this style and shade a few months ago but I’m finally getting the confidence to be daring because if they make you feel fab, that should be all that matters!



They will never fail to spruce up an outfit which is what I love and they’ll be ideal for a casual Summer evening.

With them I wore my gingham Bershka top I brought from Asos last year, my Zara cropped leather jacket and of course my Adidas Superstars which complimented the white stripe on the side. I was torn between my black boots or trainers, both of which worked well but the Adidas gave a more Summer vibe.


You could probably spot me from a mile off!

Now I’m finished with uni I’m so excited to get stuck back into blogging and I can’t wait to post more of what I’m up to over the Summer!


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