After nearly 2 years of blogging I have finally taken the plunge and paid to update my blog which means I am now self hosted! It sounds confusing but this basically means my site is now more personalised, professional and has less limitations where as before I was using WordPress so my blog was essentially attached to them. I was also using a free theme which don’t get me wrong, it did the job but for me I thought it was time to progress my blog and knew it was worth the investment.


My main reason for doing so is I have committed to my blog for quite a while now and although my posts sometimes aren’t consistent it is always something I look forward to coming back to. It is also such a useful thing to have for the industry I want to go in to once I finish my Journalism degree as it is the perfect platform to build contacts and it is giving me more experience writing. With my 3 week work placement in London at the end of this month I really wanted to take this step now so I have something I’m particularly proud of to show them.

I am honestly so excited and more motivated then ever to write and share content! I would also like to say a massive thanks to my bff for helping me with this process because I was absolutely clueless on where to even begin and she has helped me every step of the way so thanks Nat, we are now in this together xxxx.


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