A week ago today I celebrated my 20th birthday in Croatia and it was definitely one that I’ll remember forever. I received so many lovely messages, got very spoilt and really felt the love from all my friends and fam whilst also being surprised by Boon and Loren on our holiday which was very special.

On the Sunday we were flying out to Dubrovnik, the girls gave me a lovely envelope for me to open at the airport and inside was a picture telling me we would be spending my birthday kayaking around the city walls and snorkelling in a cave. I was ecstatic because this is something we had all wanted to do since booking the trip.

On the morning of my birthday, I woke up to find the apartment had been decorated and found out the girls had got up at 1am to do this. It turns out they were sat in the bathroom for an hour blowing up all the balloons and putting together the decorations. I’ve no idea how I didn’t wake up but it really meant the world that they were willing to do that for me especially knowing we had to be up early for our adventure day.

Kayaking was absolutely incredible despite Loren and I being the runts of the group and being behind the rest of the group 95% of the time. haha. I actually can’t put into words how amazing it was and the cave was so beautiful, the pictures don’t do it justice.

After a well deserved nap, that evening we decided to get dressed up and head to the old town for dinner. I wore my gorge Missguided dress which has been sat in my wardrobe for months waiting for a special occasion.

We enjoyed a lovely meal and then ended the day sat in the square enjoying our last evening in Dubrovnik together.

Despite getting a bit emosh I am no longer a teenager, I honestly had the best birthday and got home the next day to find my parents had decorated the front of our house which was lovely. It’s been so nice catching up with everyone since and I can’t wait to see Nat next week!



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