Day 4 was a day for us to chill and really appreciate our beautiful balcony at our apartment. Within the few days we’d been there we had already crammed in so much, so it was nice to finally lounge around in the sun with absolutely no plans.

With 3 people, our apartment felt quite small but having the outside space really made all the difference. Before we booked it our host Maja was incredibly helpful and answered all our questions. She even brought us watermelon which was a lovely gesture! It’s just as well she was so lovely because we managed to smash 2 glasses on our chill day, one of which Loren accidentally booted off the edge of the balcony and on to the stairs below which could’ve have been a disaster but luckily no one was injured! haha. As Maja lived so close she was on the case straight away and was more than happy clearing it up which was so lovely of her.

Apart from a 10 minute walk to the supermarket, we really made the most of having no plans and rested all day as we knew the next day we would be doing our kayaking adventure around the city walls. With the temperature being around 30 degrees each day it was nice to actually be able to try and get a tan, although we we’re routinely applying factor 50 and sitting in the shade because we were scared to get burnt. I don’t think any of us had actually tanned by the end of the day but at least we were able to relax!

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