Ever since we first booked the trip, sea kayaking was at the top of our list of things to do and on our last day we finally got the chance thanks to Boon and Loren who had arranged it as a surprise for my birthday.

The company they booked through was called Adventure Dalmatia which was a well organised group giving us clear instructions and meeting points. I was very impressed as we we’re able to take a lot of our stuff including cameras and phones as they supply you with a big waterproof barrel which meant I could get some amazing footage! They also give you sandwiches which was a nice gesture.


As we were a 3 and they advise that you don’t go in a single kayak unless you are advanced, Boon was separated from us which meant Loren and I were a team. From the second we set sail I just knew it would be a complete and utter disaster as we crashed straight into a rock and spent ages trying to work out how to go backwards. Luckily there was 2 tour guides and one of them, Theo, was basically our own personal guide as he stuck with us when we were behind the rest of the group (which was 99% of the time).

It is a lot harder than you might think so I was very thankful that along the way they gave us time to rest which also allows you to take in your surroundings and appreciate how amazing it is that you are literally kayaking in the sea around the walls. I kept thinking how lucky I was and I’m so grateful Boon and Loren arranged it all!

At our stopping point they asked who wanted to do the longer route which would be an extra half an hour and less time at the cave or a shorter route where there was less kayaking involved and more time to relax, of course Loren and I were up for the second option and Boon joined us along with her partner who was of a similar age and very lovely which was just as well otherwise it would’ve just been me, Loren and Theo waiting for the rest of the group.

The cave is shared with other kayaking tours but there was plenty of room and honestly it is one of the most stunning places I’ve ever been. Once there, we had about an hour to chill and were given snorkelling masks to swim with.

The whole tour was absolutely incredible and I’m so lucky to say I spent my 20th birthday kayaking and snorkelling in Dubrovnik! I also would recommend this company to anyone, they really were so friendly and the guides made it 10x better. They even said during the colder months they set up a fire in the cave which sounded so lovely.

Once we had successfully got back to shore we treated ourselves to an ice cream and then headed back to our Airbnb to have a rest.

For the whole time we were there we had been cooking ourselves as it saves a lot of money and is actually really fun but decided we would have a meal out in the old town for our last evening. The name of the restaurant was Veritas and although there was nothing wrong with it, I do think you can definitely find better. Although nice, the food did come out very quickly so I’m not sure how fresh it is but we were happy regardless and it was lovely eating out!

Day 5 was my absolute favourite day in Dubrovnik and anyone visiting must do the kayaking! I hope I can explore more of Croatia one day!



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