It’s been a while but I’ve finished with uni and that means I am back!!!

It sounds weird but I’ve always had a fascination with planes (lol) and think flying is so incredible so really wanted to fly one. A couple of weeks ago, I finally got the chance to do a lesson from Lydd Airport which was given to me as a birthday present a few years ago and I had the most special day!

It all came about when my parents got me a virgin experience voucher to do a flight simulator when I was 18 and then after a year of not getting a chance to book it they paid to renew it. Once I FINALLY got round to booking it, I called the number and the line was flat. I looked the place up on Google only to find that it had permanently closed… just my luck!

Fortunately, Virgin were amazing and were happy to exchange the simulator experience and the real flying lesson happened to be the same price! My friends were very apprehensive when they found out I’d be flying a real plane… I’m a bit clumsy ahaha.

The whole day was so surreal and the pilot who went up with me was so friendly and lovely, he made it 10x better. Thinking about how stunning everything was actually makes me a tad emotional haha. We were up in the air for half an hour and I had full control of the plane once we were up which was incredible. I was turning it and going round in circles and even got to go over my house!

Although my parents ended up paying more to renew it initially, I’m so glad they did because it meant I had a real experience which I hope I will be able to do again! It would be incredible to have a private pilots license one day.


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