Yesterday, I finally turned 21 and I can’t believe how spoilt I have been by all my faves!

I started off my ‘birthday week’ in Budapest with a few of my fave pests where they put up balloons for me and just made the whole holiday amazing. We spent our last night there on a boat party and for me after that night it felt like I’d already had my birthday, but the surprises have just kept coming!

I was told a while ago that on the 26th I would be doing something with both my family and Nat’s family (my amazing second famalam) as their present to me.

My mum arranged for a limo to pick us all up which again I had no idea about until it rocked up outside my house and then I was blindfolded for pretty much the entire journey so was completely clueless until we arrived. Although my bearings were disorientated I knew straight away that we were at Port Lympne zoo, one of my fave places ever and I was told we were doing the sunset safari with a 3 course meal. The whole evening was stunning with such wonderful company. I think our highlight was made by some camels which decided to hold us hostage for 20 minutes on the safari which meant our driver had to call for assistance because they were trying to escape ahaha.

For my actual birthday yesterday, my mum and I went to Eastwell Manor for a nice gym and swim session. Of course after all this lovely weather we’ve been having, it just had to rain which was annoying but defo didn’t stop us from using the outdoor pool (the only 2 in there, obviously!). The evening was spent chilling and having a bbq with the Amos family again of course, which was lovely! I really have had the best week and I am so grateful for all my friends and family around me who made it so so special for me, I can’t thank you all enough!

I still have a surprise to come from Nat on the 31st so I’m really milking this whole 21st birthday malarkey hahaha. But after all, the next big birthday now will be my 30th (eeekkk) so I need to milk this one for as long as possible! But less about that… so far 21 is amazing and I can’t wait for the next year x


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