This summer I had the pleasure of interning at Britain’s oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame, and it was one of the best learning experiences!

How long for?
The internship was around 3 months starting at the beginning of June (a few weeks after finishing university) and then finished mid September. From Tuesday- Friday I was in the office from 8:30-5 and Mondays and Saturdays I was at my part time job. Working a 6 day week was quite full on but it was defo worth it!

What I did there.
Where do I start!? So my official title whilst I was there was a social media intern. I was basically part of the marketing team and within that I was involved in the digital team who are mainly responsible for the social media and website. I spent many of my days creating short videos on an editing site called Wave to be put out on Facebook and Instagram whilst also taking pictures that could be used for social, and making edits on Canva. One day I was asked to go around Canterbury and get a range of content of people drinking the beers, exterior shots of pubs and just general aesthetic shots of pints which was a lot of fun! I also took pictures at food shoots and around the brewery.

It was real privilege to have access to the brew house and be able to see behind the scenes of how all the beers are made! I can’t say I’ve ever had a massive interest in working in a brewery but I actually found it so fascinating! I defo recommend the brewery tour if you’re ever near Faversham, it’s definitely worth a visit for all the history. (This isn’t sponsored haha!)

I also managed to write a few listicles whilst I was there which I loved doing having studied journalism. (Check them out here, here and here.) My other writing responsibilities included writing the copy to accompany posts on social and write the copy for web pages along with building the actual pages. These are a few examples of pages I built: Food, breakfast and steak.

I also helped with campaigns and changed some of the thumbnails on Youtube for their Love Food videos to improve the look.

I did quite a lot and I’m sure there’s a few bits I’ve forgotten but that is the main tasks I completed and learnt from. Just having conversations with the team was invaluable, they were a great bunch to learn from!


How I got the internship
So I got the job through Unitemps, a recruitment agency for students and I believe post grads too. I studied at CCCU but it’s defo not exclusive just to students from there! They have been extremely helpful throughout the whole process. It was honestly so easy submitting timesheets (I was on minimum wage btw which again is amazing for an internship because they often don’t pay!) and getting in contact with them was never an issue. I got so much support and was given great advice which helped me secure the role which is great as I heard the internship received a lot of interest and 8 people were actually interviewed for it. It’s worth checking them out if you’re looking for work/ internships, there are a number of branches around the UK. (Also just a side note, the pictures used in this are from a shoot I did for them if you’re wondering how I have so many professional pictures haha.)

What next?
So I briefly mentioned in my last post about my future plans but it was quite vague as nothing was set in stone. However, I can now actually say I will be heading to Australia by myself on October 28th to do a 3 week adventure tour along the East Coast with Gap360 which I am SO excited about!!! I haven’t booked a return flight so I’ve got a bit of flexibility when I’m out there which is fab and tbh I am just so excited to have a bit of a break since finishing uni. I’ve managed to keep my part time job available for when I get back which is also amazing and means I won’t come back to unemployment which was one of my worst fears and then from there I can start applying for jobs in the media industry.

Final thought
All in all Shepherd Neame was amazing and has taught me so many skills in social media and marketing that I’m sure will be extremely beneficial in the future! I was so happy with the amount of responsibility I had throughout my time there. I feel like often companies can take advantage of interns but it was nice to actually be given a chance and everyday I felt like I’d learnt something new.


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