Arriving in Sydney 23 hours after setting off from London was surreal, overwhelming and slightly emotional. Knowing it was the furthest I had ever travelled alone and thinking about the journey I knew I had ahead of me was soooo daunting! I don’t think it’s stressed enough how scary it actually is travelling alone. Most people make it look so easy and by the end you realise it is easy, but the initial feeling is mainly dread, fear and a bit of “what on earth have I signed myself up for?” which is extremely normal.

The first day for me was honestly such a daze. As I landed so early in the morning at 7, my greatest task was keeping myself awake.

Having made my way to the Wake Up hostel (where I would be spending one night); using my prepaid voucher for the bus, I settled into the 4 bed girls dorm.

The dorm inside Sydney Wake Up hostel

I got settled into the room and then treated myself to a much needed nap- of course making sure I set an alarm… I wasn’t going to be beaten by jet lag! After waking up incredibly disorientated I knew that sitting in the hostel wasn’t going to do me any favours so I took a trip into the city without any real direction.

About a 20 minute walk away I discovered the Darling Harbour and then stumbled across the Royal Botanic Gardens where I spent most of my day admiring my surroundings. It’s so peaceful there and I found that Sydney was really spread out so I enjoyed just being able to sit and relax in a very jetlagged state hahah. Also, before jetting out I decided not to get a travel sim for my phone so I could have a break from my phone which meant I was without my data so getting around alone on that very first day was a bit of a guess. I would still recommend doing the same though if you know you’re going on a tour where it’s all sorted for you because it’s so nice to be switched off from social media!

After seeing the Sydney Opera House I decided to take a wander back in the direction of the hostel, (luckily my bearings are actually quite good because I managed to get back without too much struggle) and then got some dinner at Woolworths before keeping myself awake for as long as possible. Fortunately I only woke up once throughout the night and managed to get a relatively long night sleep which was a good way to start the day of my 21 day tour.

It’s so strange to think back to that very first day and how strange and overwhelmed I felt when now I have so many lovely friends and experiences that I can’t wait to share…

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