It’s crazy to say that nearly 3 months ago now my tour of the East Coast of Australia began in Sydney. Where has that time gone?! As you can imagine cramming an entire coast into 3 weeks is pretty difficult so we didn’t spend long in each location and we were only in Sydney for a matter of hours but we still managed to cover a lot of the city and there’s no denying its beauty!

As you can see from my last post, I flew into Sydney and stayed at the Wake Up hostel for my first night, a day before the tour started. Luckily, I had befriended a few people in the tour from the Ultimate Travel Facebook page so I was able to spend the morning with them before meeting the rest of the group. Most hostels have a luggage room and Wake Up was no exception which was really good because it meant we didn’t have to lug our gigantic backpacks around with us for the day.

We had the morning to kill before the tour started at 1pm so we went for breakfast at a quirky cafe nearby called Basket Brothers which did the most delicious food. I had an extremely healthy option of red velvet pancakes covered with candy floss, chocolate, marshmallows and fruit. After a massive sugar rush, we made our way to Market City in Haymarket which was a short walk away from the cafe. It’s defo a place to go if you’re after some bargains! There’s clothes, accessories and gadgets galore.

Our tour began at 1pm so we made our way back to the meeting point which was the hostel and began meeting all the different people I’d be spending the next 3 weeks with. We had a quick introduction before heading out with our guide around the city. I had actually seen a lot of the sights the day before without meaning to but it was nice to see them without so much jet lag. The main sights we saw were the Darling Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Botanical Gardens, again all looking stunning!


With a few hours to spare to ourselves before getting a 12 hour overnight bus to Byron Bay, my new buddy Leigh and I went to spice alley, a lovely little spot for quick Asian cuisine.

After collecting our bags, we all had a short walk over to the bus station by the train station to get our Greyhound coach. Greyhound is defo a great way of getting around cheaply in Aus, they’re actually quite comfy and have charging ports and wifi!

After quite a chaotic and restless journey heading north up the coast (there was a crazy man onboard who eventually got kicked off lol) we arrived in the beautiful hippy town of Byron Bay…

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