Aw Byron Bay… safe to say I miss this gorgeous place so much! Located about 8 and a half hours north from Sydney, this beautiful hippie town is definitely a spot to visit if you’re looking for chilled out vibes. You could argue that a lot of Australia is chilled out but for me Byron Bay was like no place I’d ever been before.

Whilst there, I stayed at the Wake Up hostel just outside the town but still right beside the beach. The feel of this hostel is so homely and it even does free bike and surf board hire which is brilliant! They even did free pancakes one morning which was so lovely and great if you’re on a budget.

To start our day in Byron Bay we woke up at the crack of dawn to do the sunrise lighthouse walk. It was such a beautiful walk and even though there was a cloud blocking the sun, the views were still worthwhile. We got a minibus up as far as you could so the walk to the lighthouse only took about 5 minutes. Once at the top we stayed for a good half an hour admiring the views and taking plenty of pictures. Even though it’s so early, there’s still a quite a few people but there’s enough room to get some stunning pics!


The hike down took around 45 minutes which brought us to the centre of town where we all grabbed breakfast. We opted for the Byron Corner Store which had the most friendly staff (but tbf I think everyone in Byron Bay is so friendly) and had delicious avo and coffee.

Obviously if you’re in Byron you need to spend some time by the beach. Once we’d made it back at the hostel, Leigh and I took a walk across the road and had a lovely dip in the sea. The great thing about getting up so early is you have the whole day to sun yourself! (Don’t forget your factor 50 though!) This would have been the perfect time to rent the free surf boards at the hostel but having already been up since 5am we needed some chill time. Plus at that point I had never surfed before so it would’ve been awful ahhaha.

Although we didn’t rent the surfboards, we did decide to get the bikes and take a 10 minute ride back into the town to spend the afternoon after a rest on the beach. If you are staying at the hostel try and get to the bikes asap rocky because they are v popular and it’s the quickest way to get to town. If there’s no bikes you can walk along the beach which takes about 15/20 minutes.

For such a small town there are so many shops and cafes to explore, it’s surprisingly easy to get lost as Leigh and I found out aha! What also makes it so unique is how independent it is. You won’t find a Maccies nearby. However, if you want a lovely dinner then head along to Fishmongers which does amazing fresh seafood.

If you’re looking to carry the day onto the early hours of the morning and hit the town, then Byron Bay also has the most amazing night vibe so you won’t be disappointed. I honestly can’t explain how quirky and unique this place is. You head out on the razzle dazzle and everyone is dressed like they are from a different era, not to mention it’s SO easy to start chatting to different people because everyone is so friendly.

We headed to the Great Northern which was a huge building where they had the rugby on and had a stage at the back where we listened to some v cool music! After that we went to the club Woody’s surf shack which again was so quirky, the music was very wavy and it was just such fun vibes. Also very proud to say that I didn’t even nap this day so I stayed awake for a good 22 hours ahaha. Not sure how I managed it but we danced the night away and met up with one of my friends who I worked with back home which was a lovely surprise to see him on the other side of the world.

I can’t explain how special this place is to me after spending such a short time there I have such an emotional attachment. It’s defo a place to put on your bucket list! Not to mention Liam Hemsworth has a house there and has been spotted a lot, so you may even be lucky enough to bump into the A lister.

In short, the best way to spend a day in Byron Bay is to get up super early and see the sun rise, have a lovely brunch in the centre followed by a sunbathe on the beach. Take a bike ride or have a surf if you’re staying at the Wake Up hostel, enjoy a lovely dinner before glamming yourself up and going back in time in this hippie town to dance the night away! It’s good vibes from the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow…

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